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Darcy Bejarano ME, MA, CLS

Medical Cosmetics

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Whether it’s Anti Aging, wrinkle reducing, skin rejuvenation or just a proper facial, everyone’s skin concerns are unique, and Darcy keeps that in mind when providing skin care advice. Darcy believes that personalized service is essential when matching her clients with the right products and services.

As a caring Medical Aesthetics professional, Darcy is dedicated to learning about your personal skin care goals. Together you will use them to create a more youthful, happy, confident and beautiful you.

Darcy understands her clients are in different stages of life, therefore she believes a solid skin care plan, being a Laser treatment, injectables, peels and products, must reflect your personal and business lifestyle. With 6 years of school and 2 years of training, which includes 3 Associate Degrees, Certifications in 6 different Lasers from  Rocky Mountain Laser College, Peels and advanced skin care training along with injectable certifications from  one of the best Plastic Surgeons in Colorado, and an extensive internship with another reputable  Colorado Plastic Surgeon in skin and wound care, working together to bring your best skin forward is achievable.

If you have any questions, concerns or wanting more information about Darcy’s background experience please send a email message



                                                                      CLINIC TERMS AND CONDITIONS


 Cancellation Fee:

Cancellation fee of $35 applies to appointments that are cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notification. If your appointment is scheduled less than 24 hours before your appointment time, a $35 cancellation fee does apply should you cancel the appointment. This is non-negotiable.


Procedure Fees:

Procedure fees vary according to the individual characteristics of the patient, the practitioner performing the procedure, the products involved, technology involved etc. It is the client’s responsibility to be aware of the cost. Prices are on the clinic’s website. The prices on our website could be changed without notice. You are not obliged to go ahead with the procedure on the day should your budget not allow the cost or should you decide not to have a procedure done on the day. When consenting to the procedure, you are also consenting to paying for the procedure at the time of the procedure, A consultation fee of $240 is charged should you decide not to go ahead with the procedure 



Some procedures will require a 30% deposit. Should you cancel your appointment   prior to your scheduled appointment, the 30% deposit is non refundable.


Half Mls of Dermal Fillers:

It should be noted that  we do not offer half mls of dermal fillers. Should you require less than one ml of dermal filler, you pay for the price of one ml. The remainder of the dermal filler will be discarded or your doctor may suggest other areas for the product to be placed for enhancement. You are under no obligation to use the remainder of the product.


 Laser Procedures:

Patients coming for a laser procedure should refrain from tanning, Spray tan/natural tan etc for at least four weeks before your procedure. A consultation fee of $240 will be applicable if the procedure will have to be postponed due to tanning or change in medical conditions( Cold sores etc.), medication (e.g Roaccutane etc.)


Suitability for treatment:

Darcy;s Beauty Solutions does not accept all patients for treatment. Some patients are unsuitable for the procedures performed at Darcy's Beauty Solutions. Darcy's Beauty Solutions  reserves the right to decline or cancel further management of any patient if in the clinical opinion of the medical practitioner the patient is unsuited for further care. In the circumstance that Darcy's Beauty Solutions would like to cease the care of our patients, we will refer the patient to another clinic. Darcy's beauty Solutions offers no guarantee or warranty that any procedure will benefit the patient or have guaranteed outcomes. As a patient,  you acknowledge that there is no guarantee of results for any procedure. Whilst every effort is made to achieve desired outcomes you as the patient understand that these are not guaranteed. Satisfaction rates of all medical procedures performed at Darcy's Beauty Solutions are high.


Refund Policy:

As there is no guarantee with medical procedures it is essential that the patient understands procedures are not an exact science. Every human body is different and may react differently. Whatever the outcome, the product and or service has been provided, and it is therefore not possible for Darcy's Beauty Solutions  to refund Procedure Fees. This is non-negotiable. Darcy's Beauty Solutions will make every reasonable effort to achieve the aesthetic outcome the patient requests, however no guarantees are offered in relation to the effects of any procedure performed.


Cancellation Policy:

We have a very full schedule and no-shows will be charged and/or coupon forfeited.

Please contact us if for any reason you cant make your scheduled appointment or are going to be more then 5 minutes late. You must reschedule within 24 hours or you will be charged a fee of $35 dollars or a forfeit of one of your appointments. Injectables and some Laser treatments  require a deposit before service.



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