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.As your Medical Skin Care Professional, my mission is to set and maintain high standards of quality products and services, to ensure that my clients are provided with consistent and reliable professional treatments. With core values of integrity, dedication and passion in the services I provide, along with staying current with the latest techniques and applications, clients can receive natural and youthful looking results. Please allow me to customize a personalized skin care plan that fits your needs, so your journey to a more Youthful, Radiant and Beautiful YOU can begin.



 Dear Ladies,

I would like to express how grateful I am to Darcy Bejarano and Dr. Buford on the most excellent services that I received. Most importantly, I think it is imperative that we show and express gratitude to those that have done us a "good deed". I am a 47 year old mom and have never had any services other than the "run of the mill" microdermabrasion or chemical peel in my life. You all know that "feeling" of getting older and your whole life changing when you realize you cannot stop the aging mill. I have watched from afar as women on television had these services done. I however had the most charming experience and cannot express how fabulous I feel and look. Not only was I greeted warmly and graciously but I felt really comfortable getting all these services done in a short period of time. Darcy is warm and listened to all my needs. I felt at ease and Dr. Buford made me feel even more comfortable as we discussed "my face". Darcy asked me what concerned me and I freely told her. The creases near my lips, the wrinkles in my forehead, the sagging in general, and also my lips just didn’t seem as plump as they used to be. I have to say I expected pain but, there was not any pain to speak of. Darcy has a very gentle touch and constantly asked me how I felt. This made me feel even better about what I was getting done. I also was under the misconception that injecting your lips was painful. I did not experience any pain to speak of. I also thought after I would have tremendous pain, I assure you I did not. The atmosphere was relaxed, professional and easing. Darcy plumped up my cheeks (which were sagging) she injected my entire face including my lips. The moment I walked in the door my husband noticed! It is very refreshing to know that something that Darcy and Dr. Buford did that seemed hard, was so easy. Not only do I feel emotionally better but I feel better as a woman. I feel as though I had a face lift. Without the pain of surgery and recovery and everything that comes with it. I did not bruise or show marks of what had been done to me. The next day I put on my makeup and everyone I seen that day asked "Did you change something? Or "Do something to yourself you seem refreshed!" I wanted to scream "YES!" but I just took my compliments. My face has changed in very subtle ways but ways that I could not change. I feel refreshed and happy that I met Darcy and Dr. Buford for my beauty needs and I will be returning. I have suggested them to all my friends that have the same concerns. Botox and Restlyn is not what you have seen on television. You must experience it to believe it. I am a firm believer and will continue to trust them with all my injections. I am very pleased and entrust them with my aging issue. My husband has now agreed to go and see Darcy and Dr. Buford. He feels his cheeks are a slight shallow. I agree. He couldn’t be in better hands. If you are aging and have concerns please accept this as an aging girlfriend "Go, you will not regret it". I feel better, I look better and I am better! Thank you Darcy Bejarano and Dr. Buford and I will be back.

Cyndy Rosas


Cancellation Policy:

We have a very full schedule and no-shows will be charged and/or coupon forfeited.

Please contact us if for any reason you cant make your scheduled appointment or are going to be more then 5 minutes late. You must reschedule within 24 hours or you will be charged a fee of $35 dollars or a forfeit of one of your appointments. Injectables and some Laser treatments  require a deposit before service.



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